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About Us

We are a team of professionals in international trade and foreign economic cooperation. We have been engaged in foreign trade for a quarter of a century. Our experience was formed at the Likhachev Plant, in the foreign trade company "ZIL-export".

We like our profession, which makes the world global, connects countries and continents.

We are convinced that our knowledge and experience will be useful for you. Help to avoid unnecessary mistakes and losses.

Our History

Ltd AZK is the company which is formed as a result of reorganization in the form CJSC AZK. The history of the company begins in March 1997.

From the beginning of work of CJSC AZK we brought together team of professionals in the field of foreign economic activity.

Initially, the main activity of our company was the export of spare parts for Russian brands trucks and special vehicles and tractors.

Our company has established itself as a reliable and proven supplier in the markets of countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, North Korea, Finland, Syria, Ecuador, Venezuela and many others.

In 2007 due to the sharp drop in demand for spare parts for trucks of Russian production the nomenclature of the supplied equipment was revised. The export of energy equipment including for nuclear power plants built under Russian projects was brought to the fore.

Currently the range of equipment and spare parts for export includes such items as - pumps and pumping units , welding materials, paint products, parts and components for power equipment.

Our Team